Editorial statute

Journalistic understanding reports comprehensively and continuously in a balanced manner on start-ups, business founders, start-up support organisations and their services, financing options, specialist subjects, events and framework conditions.

The news platform sees itself as part of the Swiss start-up scene and accompanies it in a constructive manner. Difficulties are reported objectively and neutrally, and conflicts are not exaggerated.

The primary target group is technology and science-based start-ups, and extends to those with scientific or technological expertise (university staff, employees in large companies and SMEs, etc.) interested in establishing a company, potential founders (students, doctoral students, etc), ambitious (potential) young entrepreneurs from non-technological sectors, investors, established companies interested in collaboration with start-ups, start-up supporters and, finally, a general audience interested in innovation.

Editorial principles

The editors and freelancers of are guided by the principle of fairness within the framework of the Swiss Journalistic Code in obtaining, selecting, editing, interpreting and commenting on information. This concerns in particular hearings into allegations dealing with management, authorisation and publicising of interviews, the renunciation of plagiarism and the corrections required.

The editors and freelancers maintain their independence through compliance with the guidelines laid down in the Swiss Journalistic Code. In particular, they may not write about companies in which they have a vested interest either through themselves or through relatives. They must not accept gifts beyond the usual amount or receive any preferential holdings in exchange for media coverage, even if it is unfavourable. is open to all Swiss start-ups and all support providers.

Editorial content and advertising is clearly distinguished.

The names of the organisations and companies that provide financial support to the news platform are visible on the platform permanently.

Niedermann GmbH does not grant its other clients any benefits in terms of the news platform.

Press releases from start-ups, support organisations, investors and other companies sent to the editorial office are reviewed before a report based on the press release is published.

The news platform does not require the reader to buy certain products, to participate in certain start-ups or to support crowdfunding campaigns.

The platform reports exclusively on Swiss start-ups. It does not report on foreign start-ups, hobby projects or subsidiaries of large companies.

No confidential information is published.


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